Your Partner in On-Demand,
Same-Day Delivery & Courier Services

The new entrant in the Philippines' delivery service sphere, Riderko is an innovative, easy-to-use and high-performing application-based technology platform operating in Metro Manila and surrounding areas of Rizal, Cavite, Laguna and Bulacan.

Are you looking for a fast and reliable real time logistics services partner to grow your business?
Do you need a reliable and trustworthy delivery and courier service to deliver your parcels, food and other items fast, on time, all the time?
RiderKo Partners with businesses, individuals and riders to create an economic ecosystem of a work comminity that is fun, agile and service-centered for all. We match fair employment opportunities of our riders, with the realtime logisitc needs of our users.

RiderKo Partners with businesses, individuals and riders to create a welcoming and supportive economic comminity for all, by matching fair employent opportunities with realtime logisitc needs.


Simply put, RiderKo is the best local delivery and courier services company, offering the most reliable and secure delivery services to customers, while creating economic opportunities for fair earnings and employment for the rider workforce.


Become the preferred & leading Filipino delivery and courier services company with a network of coverage that connects people and businesses to professional drivers and riders, through strict compliance to #RideSmart practices.

We are Entrepreneurs

We are a start-up. We think with a start-up mindset of growing the business and growing along-side it. As such, we are self-motivated, and we don’t take time avoiding failures. We have the grit to take intelligent risks, and the perseverance to make our own luck through hardwork and create more opportunities.

We Work as a Team

We work along the structure of our vision, mission and values. We work as a team under one Company and we push towards our goal. We empower as much of our Rider workforce as we can while meeting the needs of our Customers to the best that we can, and helping our Team and our Company to win.

We Respect Each Other

We value everyone, and we support each other to reach each one’s maximum potential and performance. The people who work here are smart, and smart people know that there is always room to improve and get better. We celebrate mistakes because we view them as opportunities to grow and to learn.

We have Passion to Deliver

We are committed to the work and the industry that we are in. We put heart and our minds to do well, and to do good on what we promise to our Partner Couriers, Partner Merchants and our Users.

We Never Stop Learning

We all form the backbone of our company. Integrity to us means being able to put our names to everything we do, with the confidence and assurance that we put in our best effort. We uue and growth.

We are a Fun Company

We Value our People, We work, and we have fun. We value our biggest assets -- our people. This is what gives our Company our purpose. We ride on the collective energy, passion and contributions of every member of our Team. We play together, and we show up for each other, bringing our best selves with us to work every day.

We are Good Citizens

We are good citizens for ourselves and for the communities that we live in. We are growing this Company not just for our own personal gain, but for each other and for our community.

We Have Integrity

We have a one-word mantra -- “Why”. We want to keep learning and we always want to keep an open mind. Our least favorite word is “No” and the phrase “It can’t be done”.

We Emphasize employee talent development through consistent training, positive feedback, and value creation.

Our Story

2020 brought to the whole world a new opportunity for a new vision, a new system of doing things, a "new normal".

RiderKo grew out of a simple idea for a wholly owned Filipino company to provide to many home-based entrepreneurs that grew out of the “new normal” a strong online retail presence via an alternative and effective channel to make on-demand and same-day delivery possible and affordable for everyone at the tap of a button. Through a solid foundation of mobile and web apps, RiderKo connects riders and customers to transport items seamlessly and securely.

RiderKo partners strategically, working hand in hand with business of all sizes, to give support and solution for last-mile delivery issues.